Springwood Infant and

Junior School Federation

Believing is achieving


Music Intent

At Springwood, we believe Music is universal and should inspire all children, enabling them to enjoy creatively and confidently using their voices and instruments to explore, understand and perform musical dimensions and skills in front of each other and also live audiences.


Music across the federation

"I love coming to singing club on Tuesdays. We get to see children for different year groups!"


"Just wanted to say how much Alex and I enjoyed the infant performances on Tuesday. It was full on fun and I great way to end the musical term."


"The music performance was amazing, it was really lovely seeing what the children have been learning in music"


"All of the feedback from parents has been positive! The children seem to really be enjoying their music lessons after school"


"When we have music it is the best day of the week! I love seeing the music teachers come in."


"Mrs Cain is so much fun!"

Singing Club

On Tuesdays after school Miss Evans Mrs Clements run a singing club for all children across the federation.