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Springwood's Choir


On Thursday 7th December, some of the Springwood Choir scrambled onto the minibus ready to share some festive cheer and tunes with the residents of Wellesley Court.  They took some gifts for their new friends which were gratefully received.  The children enjoyed a busy lunchtime in the Bistro chatting with their new friends about Christmas plans. The residents kindly sent the children back to Springwood armed with goodies for the Christmas parties next week.  

Children in Need - We raised £336.33. Thank you to all the children and parents

How to Activ8 readers at Springwood! 


On Thursday 19th October, members of the Activ8 team visited Springwood Federation as part of their ‘Community Pledge.’ They spent two and a half hours promoting a love of reading by listening to children read and sharing information about favourite types of books.  


Can you spot a reader that you know? 

Springwood are Aspire Award Winners


SpringFest 2023

Last year Springwood Federation were successful in bidding for financial support from Guinness Housing in order to further develop the way in which our school community is able to use the fantastic grounds that surround us.

By receiving the Aspire Award, we were enabled us to provide our Year 6 children with a very special residential experience in our unique grounds with absolutely no cost to our families.  Tents, sleeping bags, roll mats, fire pits, lanterns, torches, plates, cups, cutlery - even marshmallows and hot chocolate were provided for the first ever ‘SpringFest.’


The excitement began on their penultimate day where the year group of fifty-eight children learnt bush-craft skills from a local expert, Duncan.  They explored the school woodland and meadows for wildlife before learning to assemble their own tents on our school field, which were signposted with team shields.  After changing at home, the festivalgoers returned for a disco before settling down to marshmallows and hot chocolate round the crackling fire pits.  Finally, excited children snuggled into their tents.  Some even managed to get some sleep whilst fantastic teachers took it in turns to stay awake and keep watch until dawn.


What a wonderful way for every child to spend their final night in Junior School – something we were so proud to be able to offer and something that created lasting memories for both them and us.

Pond Renovation


Additionally, Guinness Housing asked Equans to provide a team of wonderful volunteers to help us renovate our pond area so that children in Springwood Federation are able to learn more about the wildlife found in our local area. 

After following expert advice on newts, and during a blistering heat wave, Karen, Richard and their team of helpers, chopped, sanded, mowed, dug and overhauled the pond area creating a new pontoon, seating and a wildlife hide where children can silently observe life in this area.


The difference is truly remarkable and children are busy all over the school writing lists of pond equipment they need to use this area effectively.


In a busy world, how wonderful that these wonderful people found the time to create a peaceful haven for children to experience calm from nature itself.