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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Pupils with SEND needs

A warm welcome to all new and returning parents and carers.

This section of the website is specifically for the parents/carers of pupils with Special Educational Needs and/or Disability attending, or interested in attending Springwood.  Please contact the SENDCo Charlotte Stevenson ( if you would like any further information or support. 

Below there are links to documents and organisations that will detail aspects of education for a pupil with Special Educational Needs and/or a Disability (SEND).


If you want to know what education, recreation and support services are available locally for pupils with SEND then The Hampshire Local Offer is a good place to start. The website can be found at or there is a link on the bottom-left of the homepage for Springwood Infant school’s website.


We aim to ensure that students with SEN (Special Educational Needs):

  • are identified as early as possible. Identifying need at the earliest point and then making effective provision improves long-term outcomes for the pupil – (SEN Code of Practice, 2014).

  • are educated, wherever possible, in an inclusive environment, accessing their entitlement to a broad, balanced curriculum as an active member of a community of their friends and peers.

  • feel valued as individuals and experience high self-esteem.

  • are involved in the decisions which affect their education and the liaison between staff and their parents.

  • receive provision (which is additional to, or different from, that which is available to all students) that is tailored to their needs, through effective and efficient use of all available and appropriate resources .

  • make the best possible progress and have their progressed tracked and evaluated, to inform planning and future targets


Please read our policy, come to the drop in sessions and/or request an appointment to find out more and discuss the individual needs of your child.

SEND Policy / Information Report March 2021

How well do the pupils with special educational needs (SEN) achieve? 


For those groups of pupils whose cognitive ability is such that their attainment is unlikely ever to rise above ‘below ARE’, the judgement on achievement should be based on an evaluation of the pupils’ learning and progress relative to their starting points at particular ages and any assessment measures held by the school. Evaluations should not take account of their attainment compared with national benchmarks.


Please do not hesitate to contact the office to request an appointment with the SENCO for a face to face meeting should you require further information.