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Unplanned School Closures - Winter

Unplanned School Closure - Winter

There may be occasions when school needs to be closed without advanced warning i.e. in the event of adverse weather, boiler breakdown or flooding.

During adverse weather we will always try our best to keep school open, however our final decision will be taken based on weather conditions and whether it is considered to be safe for staff and pupils to travel considering where our school is situated on a hill.  We need to ensure we have a good level of staffing to also open the school safely for pupils.


Please read the guidance below about how you can be prepared for all eventualities:

  • Please ensure your child has warm, waterproof clothing, including sturdy shoes/Wellington boots, hat, scarf and gloves and a warm coat
  • Please make some childcare arrangements so that if the school is unable to open or has to close early as a result of heavy snow, or needs to close during the day, you have plans in place
  • Please ensure that you inform the school if someone different is to collect your child if the school closes early due to deteriorating weather conditions or other eventualities


If it snows, we will:

  • inform you by 8am (see list of ways you will be informed in section below)
  • let you know what time school will open (e.g. some staff have to travel quite a distance so it may be necessary to start school slightly later maybe 10am)
  • allow children to wear non uniform so they keep warm and dry
  • send a text if snow worsens in the day if we need to close school early to enable staff and children to travel home safely.


Please check we are open. You can do this in the following ways: