Springwood Infant and

Junior School Federation

Believing is achieving

About your teachers

Miss Langmore

Miss Evans

I am the class teacher in Dragonflies.

Here are some facts about me:

  • My favourite food is chicken curry.
  • I love music. I have seen lots of my favourite bands live on stage. It’s so much fun!
  • I have two very silly, fluffy cats called Luna and Sassy.
  • I enjoy trips to the beach and if I’m brave enough, a cold swim in the sea.
  • I have been teaching at Springwood for 6 years and I love every minute of it!


I am the class teacher in Pond skaters.

Here are some facts about me:

I love to read, when I am not at school I am usually tucked up on my sofa with a book!

I have just moved in to my first home which was very exciting (and stressful).

I love to bake! I am especially good at baking Jammie Dodger Blondies, they’re very yummy.

I spend a lot of time singing. Although I am often told by my Dad to be quiet!

I have 1 brother and 1 sister who are both younger than me who I love spending time with.

I love cleaning. Mrs Hinch is my favourite.