Springwood Infant and

Junior School Federation

Believing is achieving

Our Learning

    Summer in year 1   


Reading and writing

We have been reading and writing texts written by the author Julia Donaldson. Julia Donaldson

We have written a thank you letter to Zog from Princess Pearl and instructions on how to be a good dragon. Zog


In the Smeds and the Smoos we learnt how important it is to look at our similarities, and what makes a good friend. Smeds and Smoos



We have worked hard to further develop our phonic knowledge in preparation for the year one phonic decoding checks happening after half term.  practise these sounds...  We have especially been practising reading longer words with more than 1 syllable.  Reading and writing



We have continued to develop our knowledge of number bonds to 10, addition and subtraction, place value and counting on and back in steps of 1s, 2s, 10s and 5s.  We have been adding and subtracting using different coins, making totals and problem solving all whilst recalling our prior learning!


Earth Day

All about Earth day 2024

We had a wonderful day appreciating the world around us, learning about how to reduce, reuse and recycle.  We went on a litter pick, and made some wonderful bird feeders to sell at our Earth day stall to raise money for pond dipping equipment for our school.



We have learned all about diversity in habitats, what animals and plants might be found in different places.

All about habitats



 Spring in year 1 

After our break we have all returned back to school with a smile on our faces, ready to learn new skills.



In reading and writing recall tasks we have focussed on matching uppercase and lowercase letters.  This will help us to read and write sentences.  Help your child by practising the letter name and its corresponding sound.  A you're adorable !












We have learned all about the artist Orla Kierly:



...and we have learned how to do an observational drawing of a leaf, turn it into a polystyrene print, and make a repeating pattern leaf print.  It was fun, but you had to be very delicate so as not to snap the fragile printing block!

Autumn in year one


We have been learning to write sentences on the lines, making our letters the same size and correctly orientated.  Sentences must begin with a capital letter and finish with a full stop and have similar sized finger spaces between each word!


Can you form curly club letters correctly?

Watch how to form curly club letters!


Try and read at least 3 times a week.

Oxford owl e-books

Our writing hook... "Flashlight".

Can you play hide and seek with our new text?

flashlight by Lizi Boyd


Challenge: Use these words to describe what you can see, hear and do!

New vocabulary...


Use the sentence starters:

I saw a _________ .

I went on _____________ .

I heard _________ .


Writing "I" as a capital letter activity