Springwood Infant and

Junior School Federation

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Our learning in year 3

Spring - 1

Traditional tales



We have been looking at the Wolf's Story, what really happened with Little Red riding Hood!



We have been leaning about  different lines (horizontal, vertical and perpendicular), different shapes (2d and 3d) and their properties, and angles (acute, right angle and obtuse).



Can you learn your times tables?  (out of order, without calculating the answer)



We have been learning about themes and conventions in traditional tales and comparing different traditional tales side by side.  

Can you read some traditional tales developing your fluency, expression and word recognition in reading?

Use the username - centipedes, and password year3.



We have been learning about words with suffixes

Autumn 2


This half term we are learning about writing instructions.

How can the apprentice become the best moon phase shaper?

By following the instructions of course!


How to write clear instructions...


Look at our published pieces at the end of our learning journey...



We are learning about economic activity in the Ivory Coast.

Our key question is "Where in the world is Africa, and what is it like?"


Find out more about economic activity on BBC Bitesize...

Learning in year three, Autumn term.


In English we are learning to write a setting description, using exciting vocabulary so that the reader can imagine the place without ever being there!

Texts we are reading...


We have been developing our speaking and listening skills whilst discussing and performing poetry.  You can continue to read at home using online books at oxford owl, downloading books via borrow box supported by the Hampshire library service, as well as visiting your local library.



We have been learning about number and place value.  Counting in ones, tens and hundreds, reading and writing numbers.  Recognising what comes before and after a given number and making numbers from a range of written and concrete resources.


In history we encountered a time warp toolbox.  This was a modern toolbox filled with some very strange looking tools!  We had to use our knowledge of the world to find out what they were and what time period they could have come from.


We have read Stone age Boy Stone age Boy


In year three we are continuing to develop joined up cursive handwriting, which is fluent and regular in size.  We will have regular taught handwriting sessions to improve our handwriting and presentation.


We are learning about health, healthy eating and how to make informed decisions about what we eat.