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Junior School Federation

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Using our school library - Reading for pleasure...

Library day for year 3 is on a Thursday, but books can be returned at any time and put in our library book box for safe keeping.  We have the opportunity to return books, select a new one and listen to a story on our topic, theme or by a selected author.  We love hearing and sharing stories at Springwood!


Remember our library rules:

  • Keep the books safe.
  • Treat them with respect.
  • Choose books that interest you.
  • Bring a book bag to help you to look after them.
  • Have fun and enjoy reading!

Bring a healthy snack to school to eat at morning break.

Children often feel hungry mid morning!  Suggestions include : an apple, a satsuma, grapes, chopped carrot sticks, a chunk of cucumber, raisins only fruit and vegetables are to be eaten during this time.


P.E days.

In year 3 we have PE on a Thursday and Friday, but we are also taking part in PE activities on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday break.  Please ensure that you have named plimsols or trainers in school every day.

Earrings should be removed on these days, or you can bring in micropore tape to cover them up during physical activity.


Clothing and lost property.

Please ensure that all items of school wear including shoes are named, so that any lost items can be promptly returned to you.


Morning assembly.

We have morning assembly, at 8.50am daily and require you to be punctual.  Children can enter school at 8.30am through the rear gate and enter into classes through the classroom doors where your child will be greeted by their class teacher.  Doors shut at 8.45am for a prompt register.


Healthy lunch box ideas...

Day 1.

Turkey + Cheddar Roll-up
Fresh Berries


Day 2.

Pita Bread
Grape Tomatoes
Sliced Oranges


Day 3.

Cheese Quesadilla
Tortilla Chips


Day 4.

Deli Meat + Cheese sandwich
Red Pepper Slices
Dried fruit


Day 5.

Hard Boiled Eggs
Baby Carrots + Ranch


Day 6.

Pasta Salad
Granola Bar (nut free)


Day 7.

Cheddar Cheese Cubes
Grapes, cucumber sticks

Sliced chicken or ham


Day 8.

Bagel + Cream Cheese
Yogurt Tube
Baby Carrots
Fruit Snacks


Day 9.

Pasta and sweetcorn

Pineapple ring

Chopped ham


Day 9.

Mini salad pot.

Baby potatoes

Sliced tomato and mozzarella


Day 10.

Cheese triangle.

Tomato pasta

Mixed fruit salad