Springwood Infant and

Junior School Federation

Believing is achieving

September and October

Writing Aut 1

We came into school one day and saw we had a new friend in our year group! 

We were so unsure why he was here and why he was so flat. We found out his name was Flat Stanley and read some of our book to find out what had happened. 

Some of us thought it would be really cool to be flat but some of us disagreed. We thought about things that Stanley would be able to do and wrote some amazing instructions of how Stanley could help if someone dropped something down a drain along the road.

PE Aut 1

In PE we have been doing gymnastics. We've been focusing on balancing, jumping and moving around the equipment in the hall. We have been moving like a champion gymnast making sure that we have the correct posture and that our toes are pointed - some of us found pointing our toes a bit tricky!

Maths Aut 1

In Maths we have been using lots of concrete resources to help us consolidate our understanding and help us to be successful in our learning!

Hello Yellow Day!

This year we celebrated Hello Yellow Day thinking about mental health in young people. We had lots of fun and spent lots of time relaxing and thinking about our feelings and our self worth.

DT Aut 1

In DT we were looking at preparing and making smoothies. We started off being detectives investigating different fruits and vegetables and different packaging. 

Then we finally were able to make the smoothies and try them!

Computing Aut 1

In computing we have been looking about beebots and travelling between different squares of our beebot mats. We had lots of fun creating algorithms!