Springwood Infant and

Junior School Federation

Believing is achieving

Our Learning


English- Jack and the Beanstalk story telling!

English - Look what appeared in the Year 1 classrooms! A crime scene. We thought about questions we could ask to find out more information...

We found the clues and asked questions:


What is the white fluff?


Who laid the egg?


Did the goose lay the egg?


Who lives in the castle?


Whose footprints are they?


Our Art Learning - Session 1 Exploring Charcoal

In Art we are focusing on 'Bears'. We looked at illustrations of the 'Bear who Stared book'. We then used a range of media: coloured pens, oil pastels, chalk pastels, fine black pens and charcoal to draw teddy bears from memory. We then focused on the illustrations from 'Dogger' and thought about how the artist created the piece. We studied the illustrator and artist 'Shirley Hughes'.

We used charcoal and took it 'for a walk' from one side of the paper to the other, creating different lines and textures. Well done Year 1!

Marble in the jar- The children are working hard to keep safe, treat others how we wish to be treated and do their best, to earn marbles in their jar. Butterflies Class have picked a pyjama day when their jar is full!

Teen numbers! Remember we say TEEN and not TY! FourTEEN nor fourTY

Who has left clues in the playground? What did you find?