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Our Learning


In computing this term, year 6 are exploring how to make loops. We have thought about everyday loops such as dances, recapped and refreshed our knowledge on scratch and began creating our own loops. 

The Whale 

This half term our writing is inspired by the picture book - The Whale. We have had to use our inference skills to determine what happens and how the characters are feeling. To help stimulate ideas for our writing, we have been interviewing each other to help our understanding when creating our own magazine article. 



PE Summer 1 

This term we are completing our Virtual Challenges to complete against other schools. We have skipping, dodgeball and netball challenges. In our other PE lesson, we have played dodgeball and rounders. Every lesson, someone volunteers to be the PE leader. This person leads the warm up, helps set up an activity or the cool down. Its nice seeing each person have a go!

Science: Electricity 

Year 6 have been exploring the importance of electricity and how it is used in everyday life. We started this topic when some of us where completing remote learning at home. However, we saved the investigations and experiments until we were all back together.

World Book Day 

To link with their current unit, Year 6 celebrated world book day by completing an author study on J.K. Rowling and exploring the world of Harry Potter. We created our own house and made our own magical creature. 

History: Ancient Egypt

In history this term, we will be focussing on Ancient Egypt and the impact the have had on the modern world. To start the topic, we were sent a history box with replica items from this time. The children had to guess what they were and their purpose. They are looking forward to learning more about the civilisation and what was happening at the time around the world.

PE: Hampshire Virtual Games

For PE, we are practising a range of different skills to take part in the Hampshire Virtual Games. Each week we record a time or score to compete against other classes within the school. We are practising our dribbling, passing and shooting in different sports such as football, tennis and hockey. We have been testing our fitness with cross country and agility practises.

Art: Canopic Jars

This term we are learning about sculpture and working with clay. We have been inspired by our Egyptian history topic so are trying to make replica Canopic jars. These jars were used to store the internal organs of the pharaohs once they had been removed from the body before mummification.

Home Learning: family projects from Autumn 1

A fantastic display of the creative family projects completed in Autumn 1. We are so proud of all of the projects and the range we received: paintings, leaflets, powerpoints and posters!

Science: Water Resistance

In science, we have been investigating forces such as gravity, air and water resistance. We used parachutes to test air resistance and have been investigating how surface area can affect the amount of water resistance. We have been trying to make our investigations as fair as possible to achieve variable results.