Springwood Infant and

Junior School Federation

Believing is achieving

Mega challenge

This weeks mega challenge:

We would like to celebrate these children for completing the mega challenge

  • Caleb Fitch
  • Archie Jarvis
  • Curtis-Jay Pearce



We have attached photos from “our challenge”

We found 10 ingredients, Archie found red smarties and sprinkles and said the bag of icing sugar was as big as his pencil.

We had great fun working together, reading the recipe, weighing the ingredients and mixing..... and also eating what we made 😊

1) something red - dragon toy
2) something beginning with S - sword toy
3) something longer than a pencil - hobby horse
4) a cushion
5) a pan
6) headphones
7) a fork
8) a tea towel
9) a coaster
10) pyjama bottoms