Springwood Infant and

Junior School Federation

Believing is achieving

Our Learning

Year 5 have been considering our different feelings and how to manage our emotions.

We have been creating seascapes in art. While the sun was shining, we made the most of it and took our sketch books outside to paint our seascapes.

In our writing journey, we are reading Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. We got into the roles of the different characters discovering huge orangutans.

Writing and Reading

In writing and reading, we have been looking at the ‘great Adventures’ people have undertaken or their impressive survival stories. We have used drama to support our understanding of the texts and to infer how characters feel.


In PE this half term, we have been working on our team building skills and learning to play hockey. This has been exciting but at times tricky as this is a new piece of equipment to work with.


We went outside to use nature as our inspiration as we begin our art learning journey: batik.

On Tuesday 12th December, Year 5 were able to experience the Explorer Dome to complete some pre-learning about their next Science topic – Light. The Explorer Dome is a large black tent, which allows the pupils to sit inside, in complete darkness. The instructors were able to then complete light shows and show the children different light experiments including light canons, mirrors and lasers. The children learnt about what makes light, how light travels and how light can be separated into different visible colours. β€œIt was so cool! The laser showed us light travels in straight lines.”

We had a fun-filled but freezing week at Calshot. Together, we worked as a team, faced our fears and did things out of our comfort zone. From skiing to snowboarding, orienteering in the woods to abseiling and climbing walls to cycling in the velodrome, we really did it all! 

When faced with a challenge, we supported each other and offered words of encouragement to help us conquer it. 

We didn't let the freezing cold and occasional snow flurry dampen our spirits and we would wrap up in as many layers as we could to keep ourselves warm. 

In the evening, we ate great food and one of the highlights for many was the evening of Ringos! Who knew sliding down a slope in an inflatable doughnut could be so fun - and so exhausting!

Springwood as a school were commended by staff at Calshot for their politeness, manners, skills and teamwork and did us - and themselves - extremely proud!

Science: we used a parachute to represent the process of fossilisation.

Computing- we have been using scratch to modify code.

PE- this term we have been playing dodgeball and netball.

Science! We became archaeologists in training. Our challenge was to excavate the chocolate chips (fossils) from the cookie.