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Reading Support

There are a number of ways to support your child's reading at home, but we recommend these three:

  • Phonics practise (See our phonics support section)
  • Your child reading at least a page of a decodable phonics book 3 times a week. Rereading the decodable books also improves fluency. For the decodable books that we assign, please refer to the Oxford Owl Program (You can find our Step-By-Step guide below).
  • An adult or older sibling reading to your child from a range of books (including story books and information books). Asking questions while reading will embrace your child's love of reading and build their comprehension skills.


Below, you'll find various ideas to support in making reading an enjoyable, exciting and bonding part of your day. 

Why not try reading in different places? While the weather is good you could read outdoors, or create a den for reading, or just snuggling up for a bedtime story!


Reading Question ideas