Springwood Infant and

Junior School Federation

Believing is achieving


In Summer 1 year 3 have been learning about:

  • Diversity
  • Communities
  • Belonging
  • Setting aspirational goals and and the qualities you need to achieve them
  • Skills and attributes
  • voluntary work

How do you feel today?

We have been reminding the children about the NSPCC's pants rules, and how to keep themselves safe in a variety of situations.

Back to school.


The teachers in year 3 are really proud of the way that the children have quickly settled back into their new year group.


We have spent some time discussing our feelings, worries and concerns, the classes have quickly become settled and happy.



The children are all aware of the new ways to keep ourselves safe, we have hand sanitizing stations and frequently wash hands.


In PSHE year 3 have had the topic "healthy me".  We have spoken about eating nutritious food, getting plenty of rest and spending time doing pastimes we enjoy.



We have also discussed our mental health, and had assemblies in class about sharing our worries with a trusted adult.  We learnt the phrase "a worry shared, is a worry halved".



Year 3 recommends Ruby's Worry.