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Our Learning


In our Design and Technology Learning, we investigated how to make a fruit salad for the disgusting Mr O’Parsley (Rascally Cake story). Our design brief was to create a healthy meal for him.


We learnt to slice, grate, cut and peel various fruits and vegetables and create a delicious and lovely product. 

We wonder if you can design and create your own delicious creations at home, or perhaps you can help make a meal for your family. We would love to hear all about it!

World book day 3.3.22 🌎📚

Maths: Multiplication

We started our multiplication journey using multilink practically to support ourselves with multiplying e.g. 2 groups of 2

We then moved on to representing number sentences pictorially - drawing on the whiteboards.


Fancy a cuppa? Did you spot the clues in the playground?

Writing : Matching different synonyms with their meaning….

Science- materials

Can you help us build a house big enough and strong enough for all 3 of us to live in?


We have been looking at lots of different houses from around the world and talked about the materials they are built from.

We have been exploring different properties of materials - is it  hard/soft/ flexible/stiff?

Key question: what material would build a strong house for the 3 little pigs?

Art- Printing

This term we have been inspired by the designer Orlando Kiely. We have been learning how to print using the skills: tracing, rubbings and using a block and roller to create mono prints. The children have thrived completing  this topic thoroughly enjoyed using the rollers to create an image over and over again. Our task was to create a collaborative beanstalk using printed leaves. Here are a few images to show you our art journey…

Safer Internet Day- Tuesday 8th February 2022

Today we have been learning about how to keep ourselves safe online.

We started by talking about what games we play and how we play them. We spoke about our behaviour online and how it should be the same as how we behave in school. 


We read the story Digiduck and the Magic Castle : Can you remember what happened? Can you remember about keeping our passwords safe and not sharing them with our friends? What do you do if you don't understand something on your iPad / tablet / laptop / console? 


We then thought about who we can speak to if we are worried or having problems when we are online.

Have a loo at our pictures and labels. 


As a class, we discussed information that we would share online and information we wouldn't share online. Remember... would you tell a stranger your full name and address? No!

BREAKING NEWS! Uhoh! …. 🙈 Who has made all of this mess in our playground?

History- Florence Nightingale “The Lady With The Lamp” 🪔🏥

When we arrived at school there was a big trunk full of artefacts. We made lots of predictions and asked lots of questions about who the items may belong to.

“They look really old”. “There’s lots of candles. It might be to see”. “A hospital! It’s a doctor or nurse”. 

We explored the life of Florence Nightingale, why she became a nurse, how she trained, learned about the Crimean War and compared what hospitals were like then and now. 

We learnt all about why Florence Nightingale is famous,  such a historic icon to all and how she changed the future. 

Telling the time 🕙

English- Jack and the Beanstalk story telling!

English - Look what appeared in the Year 1 classrooms! A crime scene. We thought about questions we could ask to find out more information...

We found the clues and asked questions:


What is the white fluff?


Who laid the egg?


Did the goose lay the egg?


Who lives in the castle?


Whose footprints are they?

In Maths this half term we have focused on telling the time (to the o’clock and half past), addition and subtraction. In Year 1, we use lots of practical resources before we move the learning into our books! 

to support learning at home, please see our home learning sheet. For time practise, we recommend visiting for lots of suitable Maths games. 

we also spend 30 minutes everyday practising our mental maths (we call it Mini-Maths!). The focus of these sessions is to build mental maths knowledge. For example, number bonds to and within 10. 


Our Art Learning - Session 1 Exploring Charcoal

In Art we are focusing on 'Bears'. We looked at illustrations of the 'Bear who Stared book'. We then used a range of media: coloured pens, oil pastels, chalk pastels, fine black pens and charcoal to draw teddy bears from memory. We then focused on the illustrations from 'Dogger' and thought about how the artist created the piece. We studied the illustrator and artist 'Shirley Hughes'.

We used charcoal and took it 'for a walk' from one side of the paper to the other, creating different lines and textures. Well done Year 1!

Marble in the jar- The children are working hard to keep safe, treat others how we wish to be treated and do their best, to earn marbles in their jar. Butterflies Class have picked a pyjama day when their jar is full!

Teen numbers! Remember we say TEEN and not TY! FourTEEN nor fourTY

Who has left clues in the playground? What did you find?