Springwood Infant and

Junior School Federation

Believing is achieving


Safer Internet Day

We thought about the internet and what it actually is. We discovered there are huge cables that go through the ground that connect some computers to the internet. There are also some computers which use the internet wirelessly.

We thought about what we use the internet for and we found out we like to play games. We read a book called “Hanni and the magic window”. 

Hanni’s special window represents a screen and the window is very special to her. But Hanni sees something that upsets her and she struggles to explain what has happened.

We learnt that we need to talk to our grown ups in we see something we do not like on our magic windows (tablets, iPads, computers, TVs and phones).
We need to talk about our life online, talk about how being online makes us feel, talk about kindness and respect online, talk about what we learn online, talk about our online friendships and talk about how and we here to get help,

The children created their own “magic window” and could talk about what their magic window represents.