Springwood Infant and

Junior School Federation

Believing is achieving

January - February



Year 3 had a fantastic day trying new foods and making healthy protein balls for them to eat at break time. The children were very brave and tried all the unusual ingredients with a lot of children finding out that they like dates! 


The children have been looking at the alternative tale of Little Red Riding Hood in The Wolf's Story. We are in the middle of writing our own endings to the story so be sure to ask your child what they think happened "where it all went wrong!"


This term, the children have followed Herb's journey through (Who's afraid of) The Big Bad Book as he travels through a number of different traditional tales. They have looked at the themes that are linked to the tales and how they tend to follow the same pattern of good triumphing over bad.


We have also studied Emily Brontë's poem, The Night is Darkening Around Me. The children have done some fabulous visualising and have really developed their understanding of how authors use specific language to support meaning.

                                                                        Spanish Stars


A group of children were lucky enough to spend the morning at Crookhorn College for a Spanish taster session. They learnt some basic Spanish phrases and played some fun games. They were very engaged and and a real asset to Springwood - well done children!

                                                                       Safer Internet Day

On Tuesday 7th February, the children took part in a safer internet day. The theme was "Want to talk about it?" Children were encouraged to share what they knew about the internet, what they wanted to know more about and what they were unsure of. The conversations were very supportive and many children felt they had had their questions answered. They also played some games around 'what to do when.....' and 'how well do you know me?''

                                                           Home Learning Parent drop in

Thank you to all the parents who were able to drop in and see what the children have been learning this half term. The children were thrilled to be able to share their books and some of the foundation subject folders with you.

Thank you to all who managed to complete the home learning project. We have a fabulous array of Roman Shields and look forward to using them when recreating our Roman battle!